Saturday, December 09, 2006

Does Still Water Run Deep????

Have you heard the saying "still water runs deep?" Well one of my sons proved this to be true. In his younger years as a child growing up, he was very quiet and shy (so everyone thought). I didn't get calls from the teacher because of his acting out behavior except once when he was in high school, the teacher called to tell me he was talking too much in class with a young lady who had a crush on him. I didn't get on his case because I was so happy to hear that he was talking.

Oh how I thought I was raising an angel (WRONG). When he was in second grade, he wrote a love letter to a girl in his class -- it said "I love you -- you give me goose bumps." I still have the letter to this day that has his drawing of him with the goose bumps. After all of my angels (so I thought), became adults and no longer had to fear being punished for their negative behaviors -- guess what. I have had the pleasure of hearing the truth from their own mouths. All of this happening while I was at work; thinking my sons were at home behaving themselves.

Actually, they were some fairly good guys. I enjoyed all the things we did together from little league to helping them find their first car to graduation day, etc. I could actually go on and on with this post but I will cut it short.


Blogger ShellyP said...

That's nice that they are so open with you now, as adults.

7:42 PM  
Blogger Rose said...

You are a special lady when the kids are open with you like that...

11:46 PM  

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