Wednesday, September 13, 2006

"Why These Dreams?"

What's up with these dreams? This is unreal; do they mean something? This has been going on for quite a while. Here's the scoop: I was married for approximately 17 years, and that was a little over 40 years ago. We were divorced in 1980. We both eventually moved on with our lives even though there were four sons born to this union. We never see each other but maybe once a year and that is in passing. I fell in love hard with him back then, even though there were a lot of issues in our marriage. You might say he was my first real love. Soooo why do I have periods of time when I dream about him night after night after night. The man in my dreams is the young good looking one that he was when we were married. I believe him to be long gone. The guy he is today has let himself go and his appearance leaves nothing to be desired. He’s an alcoholic -- need I say more? I am actually ashamed to let anyone know that I was once married to him. Granted I’m not judging a book by his cover, he had a great personality when we were going together; however; that changed some time during the marriage.

I have not figured our why he appears in my dreams a lot. I'm not in love with him any more and I’m generally not thinking about him when I go to bed. One night I dreamed about him and I almost felt as though I was developing feelings for him but after I thought about it, the problem was I couldn’t get the dream off of my mind. Incidentally, the person in these dreams is the one I married years ago, not the person he has become now. When I woke up, I became frustrated and kicked him out of my dreams by asking the assistance of God to help me stop dreaming about him. Soooo, I haven’t dreamed about him since. But guess sometimes I may be missing his appearances in my dreams; after all, we usually have a great time; just llike back in the day; however, I really shouldn’t invite him back – he no longer exists.


Blogger David Cho said...

Dreams are strange, aren't they.

Sometimes, I dream about people that I barely knew and seldom think about, but they all of a sudden pop up.

In your case, you knew the person well, but that person is long gone.

8:52 PM  
Blogger Oricon Ailin said...

Dreams mean all sorts of things. Sometimes, it's just our mind's way of letting go.

I hope that these dreams don't disturb you or upset you. Just let go and let God. It will be fine.

God bless you always, Mz. Gig You are such a sweetie.

4:19 PM  
Blogger Rose said...

Maybe in your subconscious mind you are worrying about him after all you loved him once. Just ask God to protect him and heal him from drinking and go on and get a good nights rest.

10:59 PM  
Blogger Brotha Buck said...

I think something is about to happen to him, maybe you've had a weird preminition. Didn't his father pass away when he was about my age? I've wondered about his before, would I actually come home to his funeral. Thats a big question.

6:22 AM  
Blogger The Gig said...

Actually Buck, these dreams have been going on for years. I don't know why but they have.

It is still my prayer that you and your brothers and your dad will someday forgive and forget.

5:14 PM  
Anonymous Frannie said...

Sometimes God will put someone in your heart or even in your dreams so that you can pray for them. Maybe you can pray for his salvation and for God to help him with the alcoholism. There is no impossibles with God!!

1:07 AM  
Blogger Friar Tuck said...

I think dreams are a way of working out in your subconscious what you have not while awake. Not to be taken to literally though. I would take it as a sign that there is something unresolved in your heart about him and that situation

10:57 PM  
Blogger Lauren said...

Gig, I know exactly how you feel. I have reoccuring dreams of my ex...he was my first love too. And as you stated, there tends to be a refalling in love with him. I no longer do love him, nor will there every be anything between us again.....but it's strange....I agree. You handed it over to God, and He took it away? :-\ Perhaps I should try doing this.

6:33 AM  

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