Tuesday, December 26, 2006

God Knew What he was Doing When he Gave a Little Mother Four Sons.

Approximately a month ago, I had planned to do nothing on Christmas day but just sit at home and for it to be just another day. However, as my dad has always told me, "The Lord knew what he was doing when he gave a little mother four sons." That is definitely true. A couple weeks ago, I received a call from number two son inquiring what my plans were for Christmas? I shared with him my plans to do nothing; but he wouldn't hear of it. He invited me to accompany him and his wife to their church on Christmas eve. I quickly accepted the invite as nothing being better than praising the Lord on Christmas eve. "B" also told me he wanted me to spend the night and spend Christmas day with them (Wow, something to look forward to). He then invited my number three son who is usually not particularly open to spending a lot of family time together. However, he joined us and we had a fantastic evening of dinner, going to see the holiday lights at a popular park here and church (at 11:00p.m.).

The next morning we slept in kind of late but upon arising on Christmas day, we had a wonderful circle of prayer, opening presents along with taking pictures (at which time I became ornery and started to put rabbit ears behind my daughter-in-law and that started a chain of rabbit ears in the pictures and a lot of laughs). Ohhhh and the presents, they started giving me presents and I thought they would never stop coming. We had a great time exchanging gifts. After eating breakfast, we went to visit other members of her family and this went on pretty much throughout the day. My other sons called and we exchanged highlights of our day and it seems as though everyone had a great Christmas.

To all my blogging buddies -- I would like to hear about your Christmas -- also I pray that each and everyone of you will be blessed from this day forward.

Received some shocking news towards the end of the day: We lost a great musician who was one of my favorites during my teen years, James Brown.


Blogger David Cho said...

Sounds wonderful. What number is Buck?

10:55 AM  
Blogger ShellyP said...

Christmas for me was pretty low key. My mother is on vacation, my sister doesn't live here, the two oldest kids went away with their grandfather. So me, hubby, and the two babies were her just relaxing and working on church stuff.

Thanks for the blessings. I'll need your prayers!

May you have a happy a prosperous year.

12:06 PM  
Blogger The Gig said...

Dave -- Buck is my number one son.

6:53 PM  
Blogger Oricon Ailin said...

Sure sounds like you had a very blessed day, Mz. Gig.

Let's see, I went to Sunday morning services for Advent, and then Sunday night, we had our Christmas Eve services. I sang solos at both. It was great!

Then, it's tradition for us to go out and eat after Christmas Eve Mass. So, JP and I, his folks and my folks, we all went out to eat at IHOP restaurant. Then we go home and open our presents. I only got one present under the tree this year. That was because JP and his family as well as my family gave me money to take on my trip two weeks ago. So, I had already gotten my gifts.

But, "Santa" gave me a Precious Moments Nativity snowglobe that played "O Little Town of Bethlehem". It is beautiful!

Then we slept late on Christmas morning and then JP and I went to my folks house for lunch.

All in all, it was a wonderful Christmas. If you read my blog later today, I'll have a story about the gift my husband gave me. It's a strange gift, one that many won't understand WHY...but, check it out later and you'll see. hehehe

Glad to hear you have had such a wonderful holiday. God bless you, always!!

12:22 PM  

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