Thursday, August 24, 2006

As School Starts, the Holiday are Just Around the Corner

School is starting back in Iowa. It seems like yesterday that the kids were let out and excited about summer. "We are moving right along" as I always say. Also one of my sayings is "right after school starts, we are looking at Christmas." Actually, I'm still trying to balance the budget from last Christmas. Ha, Ha,

Can you believe it? The holidays are pretty much upon us. Right after Labor Day, we will be going right into the season. Have you ever looked up the history or origin of the holidays? They all have pretty much originated from some kind of religious background. I have friends and/or some members of my church who claim that the holidays are pagan, and that may very well be. I know if you look it up in the encyclopedias, some of them are considered to be pagan. The Bible speaks against paganism, however, I'm not saying holidays are sinful. Even though there are some people in our church who do not believe in celebrating Christmas and Easter, I really don't know what to think, or maybe I just don't want to go there or face it since I enjoy them. I know that due to the way I was raised, and some of the religious teachings that I have had, plus some information I have gotten off of the internet, some of those holidays could be less than desirable, spiritually and most of all, Halloween. When I was a child, we had no thought of Satan as being the reason for halloween. We just enjoyed dressing up and going out begging for candy with our friends and comparing treats when we got home. In those days, people in the neighborhood went all out, they baked cookies, made popcorn balls, candy and all sorts of things and we didn't have to worry about anything being contaminated or harmful and the treats didn't have to be in packages from the stores. There were, however, pranks being played in those days and more so back in my parent's days, such as kids going around toppling over outhouses, jumping on the back of trolley buses and pulling the trollleys out of service and of course, soaking your windows if you had no threats. Also back in my days, we actually were given the opportunity of doing tricks for treats; however, now a days, there are so many kids who come to your door at once, there's not enough room or time to let them all do anything, plus you are afraid who may be coming to your door and why; plus parents now have to escort their children around just to keep them safe. One more thing, We enjoyed creating our own costumes and didn't need to go to the department store and buy expensive ones. We came up with some pretty funny and original ones and enjoyed every bit of it.

I don't know why I chose this direction to post on today, but I think that while I was commenting on school starting and the holidays being just around the corner, my mind just kept going on in this direction. I really don't like to be one of those people who find fault or bad in everything that is good or fun, but God is the most important factor in my life, and if I want to prove my love and loyalty to him; I must pray that I will seek out His Will about everything and be more than willing to obey.


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